Concept of God has to be realised by intellect not bequeathed from ancestors..


“God” – It is an indisputable fact that “God” is “One”. Everyone, be it monotheist, atheist, polytheist, agnostic or any name we would like to call ourself has an innate belief that there is God and He is one. It is a hidden truth which man is born with. Man is just oblivious that deep in his heart, the knowledge- the intimate feeling of Oneness of God is hidden.

It just needs an open discerning mind with no prejudices and preconceived notions, staying clear of what he/she and his/her ancestors have been blindly following to embark on a sincere goal of unraveling the truth and awaken his spirit to the truth.

The “Polytheists” – most of them admit that there is one God and claim that the idols and things/persons they associate with God are just means to reach and realize God.

God is transcendent, sublime and mystical to name a few attributes, which are incommunicable (those that belong to God alone). He is mystical and hence beyond the realm of human perception. Man cannot and has no right to perceive God in any form. To perceive something you should have perceived it with one or more of your senses. 

When man has not perceived God in any form, it is not rational or logical that he comes up with his own theories and notions about God. He needs to go in search of truth, verify the various theories that are either thrust on him by his parents/ancestors or theories he bumps upon on his path, use his reason and intellects and only accept what appeals to his reasoning.

Parents are no more able to dictate what you study, what you wear, where you work, who you marry or who you befriend..when it comes to just the trivial worldly milestones, we feel we are mature, capable and wise enough to decide for ourselves what we want and what we think is right. 

When it comes to “God” – our creator- why don’t we use your reasoning power and intellect to unravel what the “truth” is in reality instead of just blindly accepting bequeathed concepts and practices? Food for thought?




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