Litmus Test for God sent Religion



What is Religion?

Though there are different definitions for the word “Religion”, one of the definitions is that it may have come from the Latin “religâre” which means “to tie fast,” or “bind together.”

It is also defined as the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power.

Notice the word “power” and not “Powers”. Power as is common knowledge has to be centralized to be effective. We only have one CEO for an organization, one Federal Government, one Supreme Court and one boss. Plurality in any of these is a recipe to chaos. When it comes to religion alone, how are we accepting multiple power centers?

Religion is a vehicle that is a means of binding people together to reach to the Supreme Being who created us all and created everything.

Logically and rationally, Religion should be a set of beliefs or a way of life prescribed by the Creator for His creations. It is a means of providing social and collective discipline to mankind. It should necessarily bind together people in the pursuit of realizing God and reaching to Him.

The basic premise of social organization is the unity and integration of mankind. Social organization is strengthened by the unity and integration of mankind. On the other hand, individuality, disparity and diverse goals encourage disintegrating and fissiparous scheme of things.

The principle of unity and integrity has been defined and chosen by different people in different ways at different times. Race, colour, geography, language, caste, creed have been arbitrarily and randomly chosen as considerations for unity and integrity. Can we supposedly go back to our forefathers of yore and decipher how the first man and woman of our family decide or discover that they belonged to a particular religion?

The above arbitrary considerations in fact divide mankind and not unite them in any way. The war for homeland, war between two races, two castes etc are testimony to the divide.

Unity of mind arising out of doctrinal unity can be the only logical way to unity of mankind.

Religion should call to worship of the one True God, who has no equal, no partners, no intercessors. Religion should be able to integrate men and women from all nook and corner of the world, men and women from all periods of time to the worship of the Supreme Being.

Religion, if prescribed by God and not man made would essentially be applicable to whole of mankind and that would encompass the external expressions of worship too.

It only makes sense that either God prescribed a Religion for mankind or gave an overt approval for a man made religion. If that is true, would God have prescribed a religion for every country or would a set of gods alluded themselves to a certain region to the exclusion of the rest of the regions? How can the lesser known gods known by colloqial local names of a rural area not be recognized by any one outside the region if they were indeed God?

Does it not make more sense that the way to reach God, the way to worship Him should be universal to whole of mankind? To me, it makes perfect sense that I should be able to worship God the same way as my counterpart in Antartica or one living under the sea.

If religion was God sent, would He have allowed greater proximity to men of higher status, standing in socieity or wealth than the poor or the less fortunate by paying and beating the queue to reach Him?

When God is all powerful, all Hearing, all Seeing, all Aware, omnipresent why does He need an intercessor between Him and mankind? Is He not capable of hearing the prayers of all His beings all at the same time in whatever language or whatever way they make? Where has He prescribed the need for an intercesor to reach to Him?

We have been endowed with intellect and a questioning mind to verify the validity of these practices and claims and not blindly follow them. What if He did not intend us to reach Him the way we are all striving the way our forefathers did? What if we die and realize we were knocking at the wrong door in an unacceptable way and by the time we realize it is too late to go back and make amends?

Don’t we exchange our currency to the accepted currency of the country we visit? Should we not do our homework to see if we indeed have the acceptable currency (Read: Mode of worship) as ordained by God?

Wake up! Verify and validate what you are doing and how we are trying to reach God and ensure we are on the Right path…before we reach the end of the road and realize we took the forbidden path..


2 thoughts on “Litmus Test for God sent Religion

  1. To understand and assess religion required tremendous faith in God!
    Today we are all born into a religion – born as a Hindu, a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim and so on. Many of us have no clue to what this means – we simply wear that cloak. We do not try and understand the TRUTHS – because to understand means to question; to question means to rebel; to question religious tennets is blasphemous. So our religious beliefs today are more of conditioned truth and convenient truth. It is not Absolute. That means we stand on thin ice – proof; observe how two people of different religion converse; in the second minute from relishing the beautiful theology they get caught in rifts in rituals, rites, practices and all the related non-essentials. Instead of getting thrilled by the common essence they fight over non-essentials.
    The person who has understood the Absolute of his religion – will instantly see the unity in diversity. Absolute is that one truth over which every singly spiritual road has been built. No one can claim ownership to that truth; No one can divide that Truth – We can only aspire to know it.
    The TRUTH t is there is ONE and ONLY ONE SINGLE UNDIVIDED GOD. The means to him can be many. All religions are mere means to the common end – the only purpose of human existence – to become one with yor creator. You get stuck to the means you will lose the journey. But to reach him you need some means. So all of us who are practicing a religion; should understand it is a route that we have taken. And the route is a personal one. Always cross check is this route taking you closer to your destination? Is it snaring you in a quagmire? And for that questions raised here are the litmus test!
    Thanks Ayesha for making it easy and giving me a good way to start my Monday!


    • Thank you Meera!
      I have spoken about the concept of User Manual in my previous post “A different perspective to purpose of life”. The User Manual is made by the Creator/Manufacturer not the user himself. The user with assumed knowledge of the product may end up with a void warranty if he uses his self-made manual!
      When there are means to God as approved by God and scientifically validated, we should not choose man-made means to reach God. We may lose our way and be stranded!
      To simplistically put, there are tried and tested means of transportation to reach a destination. You can only reach say for example United States from Dubai by air or ship. You cannot possibly get on to a horse or a camel and convince yourself that, that is also a means of transportation and I would also reach the destination just because you see a bunch of people out there trying to do it..


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