I am Ayesha.

I was a Hindu by birth and I reverted to Islam a couple of years back.

I have a personal and a public agenda in deciding to start this blog..

I decided to publish this blog to let my core family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances know why and how I became Ayesha.

I want people to understand that it was not an emotional, spur of the moment, irrational, indecipherable decision to change nor was I brainwashed to accept something which I did not fully understand..

I want to let the world understand that there was reason, logic, sense and meaning in why I am who I am now..In the process, I would also like to invite you all to join a sincere journey along with me to realise the truth, to awaken  your spirits, to be awed by the greatness and glory of our “Creator” and enlighten your hearts with the pristine unaltered message from our Creator.

The Indisputable Truth is hidden in the deepest part of your heart since birth. It just needs a little nudge, a push and a gentle jolt to unearth and discover the truth on your own by the will of God. It needs an unbiased, discerning, open mind free of all prejudices and preconceived notions to unravel the precious gem of truth that lies deep down. 

You are welcome to use your logic, reasoning, intellect which He has bestowed you with to slice and dice the information you come across here and by the will of God, I hope you arrive only at the Indisputable Truth.